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  2. is there anyone out there?


  3. HEY HEY






  5. ขุนนรินทร์พิณซิ่ง8.mp4


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  7. so, i feel like this is americana + new wave ???? 


  8. alright. i love interviews. i watch them all the time. sometimes for hours. This particular one has a special place in my heart, because the gentleman interviewer (Hip-Hop Gamer); and more specifically, how excited he gets whenever he gets answers. it’s so real. people don’t do this enough. check it.


  9. opinion post: everything

    i do vivid 


  10. so im not gonna say that i called this one because i didn’t but also once you listen to the song you can really understand why they would put this photo as an single cover.  whatever. i’m tripping out to the echo sounds from my speakers. airplanes are flying by. sunny afternoon.


  11. http://pixelbark.com/13400/50-cent-dubbed-over-a-jehovahs-witnesses-trying-to-get-deaf-people-to-stop-masturbating

    I don’t know why this exists. I think it just does. But it’s really good.



  12. oh my god.

    in zoolander 2

    a Karl Largerfield Mutagu doppelganger type could TOTALLY BE PLAYED BY BILL MURRAY.

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  13. opinion post: all the news surrounding star wars

    take a hike. give R2. give me chewie. you don’t need to tell me it’s going to be set on Tattooine. Plz, just don’t. I want to be surprised. 


  14. takeaway advice: “let go” & “fall off a cliff, backwards.”