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  7. Emotional Fascism, 1978

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    Claude Lombard — Polychrome

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    Best possible alt box art? Yes, best possible alt box art.

    I think this qualifies as fan art, too.

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  12. Maleficent (2014)


    I wasn’t willing to give up my magic for the movie. Sure, there are cool creatures, and this is formula for success: gifted acting cast, high-quality CGI, passible cultural rhetoric but it’s bunk. The story felt like it lacked the graceful pace to make it more than a display of cookie-cutter shot coverage. Angelina Jole was great, but, so much of her performance felt left behind on the cutting room floor. It’s an important film however, this spectacular entry into the Disney live-action cannon feels like a statement (we’re going to re-vamp the Disney Princess Classics) and an apology. Here, so much of the original ending is redacted, and brought up to code in a post-feminist world. However, a lack of thinking of this film as an oovre proves to be it’s downfall. 


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    Found a new top xx

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    Here’s a little guy I made this week. He’s rather silly…but I hope he makes you smile! 

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